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       WARNING; Some 2010 and newer year models, DO NOT install a used or aftermarket rebuilt module

          for test purposes. 

          Starting in 2010 some GM vehicles have Global Networking, see detailed list below.

          This new generation network system (Global Networking) has the ability to share and rewrite

          what is "called variant configuration files". Variant configuration files include the VIN, power train

          options, tire size, etc.

          OEM rebuilt modules are blank. During the Programming and Initializing the variant 
          configuration files are written. On the next key cycle these variant files are shared across the
          network and all modules will rewrite their configuration to match.

            If a module out of another vehicle is installed for test purposes, on the next key cycle

           all modules will rewrite this new VIN and other variant files to match.

            GM warns 4 to 6 modules will have to be replaced if this occurs. These "was" working

            modules, programming will not salvage them. You will now have several shiny door stops.


     List of GM vehicles with Global Diagnostic Networks

      2010 Vehicles

      Chevrolet Camero

      Chevrolet Equinox

      Buick Lacrosse

      Cadillac SRX

      GMC Terrian

      Additional  vehicles for 2011

      Chevrolet Cruz

      Chevrolet Volt

      Buick Regal

      Additional vehicles for 2012

      Buick Verano

      Chevrolet Sonic

      Chevrolet Orlando

      Additional vehicles for 2013

      Cadillac ATS

      Cadillac XTS

      Chevrolet Malibu

      Chevrolet Captiva

      All GM vehicles in 2014 have Globel Diagnostic Networking Systems


     Critical Information on GM Modules

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