Starting January 1 2015 C & e will not Program, Initialize or program Keys on ALL AFTERMARKET

  Rebuilt Modules.

  In 2014 "36 of these Modules failed". On 1 Dodge "5 Modules failed" before a good one               

  was shipped.

  In 10 years the OEM Dealer Rebuilt Modules have had a excellent track record. Zero Asian,

  Zero Ford, 2 GM and about 2 or 3 Chrysler a year fail (Chrysler Modules have bad electronics).

  In 10 years C & e had 2 Used Modules fail. Common issue is getting the correct Part Number.

  It is a Business Decision based on hard economics, (you can not drive 5 or 10 miles and 

  take one hour to Program a Module without getting paid). This happened 36 times in


                                      No Aftermarket Rebuilt Modules

           If you are not 100% clear on this, call Ken at 714 356-7481 for details.


                   Aftermarket Rebuilt Modules

   C& e Auto Tech


714 356-7481