Every time his shop needs my services I will make his day as effortless and seamless as possible, "that

 is my Goal". "I do not need to compound his problems, I need to be part of the solution".

 September 1, 2005 I started the first Mobile Programming service in Orange County. Today I have close

 to 200 shops as repeat customers, with 5 or 10 new ones each year.


When I think about what my customers all have in common this is what I find;

 *They care about the same things I care about.

 * They share the same values, the same vision.

 * They aspire to achieve the same goals and pursue similar objectives with a element of respect and


 If that element of respect and understanding is not there, I tell them "in the future I chose not to do

 business with them. They can drive or tow the vehicle to the Dealer". This allows me more time

 to better service my core of repeat customers.


 When analyzing the Automotive Service Industry in Orange County, I find;

*To say it is a crowed market in Orange County is an understatement.

* To say today's vehicles are very hard to diagnose and repair is an


* To say the owners of today's vehicles find the whole process of                  

   diagnosing and repair very frustrating is an understatement.

* To say technicians and shop owners find the whole process of

   diagnosing and repair very frustrating is an understatement.

 When I finish a service call, I shake hands with my customer and state

 "if there is any thing I can do for you give me a call". Hopefully, this

 reassures the customer that I am here to help.

 Making your business run as effortless and seamless

 as possible. That is my number one GOAL.  

   C& e Auto Tech


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